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The Live Oak area is served with Kindergarten through 12th grade educational facilities by the Live Oak Unified School District. Enrollment in the district has increased from 1,740 students in 2012 to over 1800 in 2015. The pupil to teacher ratio in the district is less than 25:1.The student body in Live Oak Schools is multi-ethnic, with 60% Hispanic, 12% Asian including East Indian students, 26% Caucasian, and slightly over 1% Native American.

The Staff

We are very proud of the staff members that make up the Live Oak Unified School District family. Each one plays a valuable role in providing the best educational opportunities possible, either directly in the educational process or indirectly by helping to maintain an orderly environment conducive to learning.

Teachers receive training related to curriculum and instruction by attending workshops and conferences approved by the administration. The entire staff is provided opportunities and support to improve the skills needed to help students learn.

The Education Program

The Live Oak Unified School District is involved in developing a standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment system. Each school site is continually identifying and prioritizing suggestions for program improvements and targeted interventions.

Interventions/Enrichment includes the following:

After school tutoring
After school program at Luther
Music education K-12
Computer education K-12
Counseling services K-12
Career and Technical counseling
EDL specialists at three sites
Migrant education support
School nursing
Special education services
Student Study Teams
Summer School

The goals of the schools focus on reading, writing, and math proficiency. These priorities are rounded out by interesting courses in science, social science, the arts and physical education.

There is a high level of accountability to be able to demonstrate student success. Tests, work samples and senior projects are used to identify proficiency.

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