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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement services are contracted through Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, with a sergeant and 7 deputies assigned to Live Oak. This unit boasts the most up-to-date equipment and an extensive training program for its employees.

Phone (530) 822-7307

Fire Station

Fire, rescue, and medical services are provided by Sutter County Fire Department, which is composed of 1 captain, 1 engineer, and 3 lieutenants on paid staff and a Volunteer Department of fifteen. The city is rated ISO class 4 while the surrounding rural area is rated ISO class 5.

Phone (530) 695-3522

Medical Services

Live Oak has a medical clinic, dental offices, a convalescent care facility, pharmacy, and is served by two area hospitals, Fremont/Rideout and Biggs-Gridley Memorial.


The Barber Library, a branch of the Sutter County Library system, serves the town well, offering books and resources to the city.

It is located at 10321 Live Oak Boulevard. Phone (530) 695-2021 for hours and information.

Sutter County Sheriff’s Department
(530) 822-7307
911 – Emergency only

Sutter County Fire Department
(530) 695-3522

Barber Library
(530) 695-2021

City of Live Oak